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We are successful because you're successful!

Wet Web Design is built on a simple philosophy; we are successful because you’re successful. We desire to help you be seen and get found. Wet Web Design strives to develop relationships with customers just like us; ones that don’t just talk about terms like hard work, ethics and integrity, they live them out. We collaborate with our customers to develop clean, functional and attractive websites and logos for any company, any industry and any field.

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The Faces Behind our Success

We Couldn’t Do It Without Them


Lead Developer
Chris has been developing on the internet for over 20 years. His experience has helped make Wet the leader in the industry.


Business Development
Mike has been in business development for over 30 years. He has been the key figure in many successful businesses. 


Marketing/Customer Relations
Jake has many years experience in relation building. He has become the key player in the growth of our company.
Most Sales


Marketing/Customer Relations
Luke has many years experience in relation building. He has become the key player in the growth of our company.


Our vision and goal is to be the best in design. Period. We know that is a huge goal, but we believe that it is attainable, one customer, one website at a time. We ensure and train our staff to be the best in every phase, from concept to completion. We provide our team with the best resources, training and tools available to harness their God gifts of innovation and creativity. We whole-heartedly believe that our team and your experience can give you the website and logo you have always dreamed about.

To be the best at anything, there has to some constants. For us, it is teamwork, focus, discipline and simplicity. These elements along with partnership and communication means that your design will be completed and ready to do whatever you need it to do!


At Wet Web Design, we exist to provide internet and design based resources and solutions that are focused on our greatest resource, our customers. We do this by placing a premium on synergy, creativity, innovation, communication, trust and award winning customer service.



Simply functioning together to produce a result not independently obtainable.


The phenomenon of creating something from nothing.


The power to make it better and more effective than it was before


We make it a point to consistently to share information, ask questions, listen actively and speak thoughtfully.


Trust is a commodity that is earned. It’s about telling the truth and getting the job done, every time…even when its difficult


Wet puts time and effort into building a culture of communication and inclusion. One that is conducive not only to results, but professional conduct and equality.

We strive to handle every situation with integrity. We believe that honesty is the best policy and we believe you reap what you sow! Because of that, every contact we make from the sale to completion stands on that foundation. We know that this is difficult and we will even try to see and admit our mistakes. We know that these statements mean absolutely nothing without action. We are confident that once you deal with us, you will see this separates us our competition. This Code provides principles and guideline to which all Wet employees are expected to adhere to and champion.


As we strive to make Wet the Best, we commit to valuing what each team member and client brings to the table. We strive to work together and produce results that far exceed what we bring to the table as individuals. We promote and advocate a healthy and secure work environment that strives to meet the needs of others. We believe this, in turn, will make us successful. This is why WET achieves at the high levels. This provides confident to our team and that confidence is passed on to our clients. We believe that this is and will always help us be the best!


Wet Web Design has been building websites over years. In that time, we have focused our efforts in many different types of organizations, from transport companies, to not-for-profits and from service based companies to churches.

Our diverse experience in designing logos and websites for so many different kinds of companies and organizations is positioning us to have a bright future so long as we continue to add value to our customers and increase our profits for the stockholders.