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Website Checklist

Welcome to our Website Checklist

You can spend thousands of dollars on the most amazing looking website ever designed, but what’s the use of investing the time and money into the internet if no one can find you?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a “simply-complicated” process designed to increase and drive visitors to your website by getting the highest possible positions on search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) when people search relevant keywords. The higher the results the better because most people don’t go to far past the first two or three pages of results; first page positioning is easy to promise, but can be challenging to deliver! There are a lot of scams and tactics may be cutting edge and can be a powerful asset or they may be old school and be doing more harm than good! The best bet is to leave this to the pros, call Wet at 800.970.1033 to speak to our team about how we can help you!

Obviously, SEO means many things to many people and the speed of change is daunting. Here are some things to get you thinking…

1. Keyword Focus – Keyword Focus is a fancy way to say, “what are people searching for”. The keywords you use in your site and design need to be relevant to your business and well thought out. Wet Web Design has powerful tools that allow us to research what people are looking for and how to help you be found.

2. “Content is King” – If you are creating a website or updating an existing site, content or “what you say” is always one of the most important factors for successful search engine results. The pages you create can inform and educate your future customers and can help the search engines find you.

3. The Power of Linking – Linking is a powerful tool, but can be time consuming and can take some tweaking to get it right. Ideally, you want other sites linking to your site and your posts . To boil it down, these links are like a vote to your site by the linking site. Don’t let term like link farms, inbound links, and reciprocal links confuse and scare you. These are tools that can catapult you up the search engines. Wet can set you down the right path!

4. S.E.O. – Other Things to Think About When it comes to SEO, the goal is to drive results! There are thousands of dollars spent each month on SEO plans that are not getting results and are draining companies budgets. Wet understands that WAY more goes into website success than these could ever be written on this page.