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Dallas, Texas business owners call Wet Website Design for digital marketing services because we offer clients the best in online marketing, including search engine optimization (SEO) and consulting. 

Basically, SEO is the process of getting free traffic from search results (organic search) on search engines like Google and Bing. Below you will find out:

• How SEO influences buyers
• SEO vs SEM
• A brief introduction to our team
• A crash course in the SEO services that will work for your company

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Every business needs a website or a landing page. In order to get people to that website, you need a marketing strategy. An SEO expert will help your website move up the organic search rankings of major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.
Since 87% of buyers go to the major search engines before making a purchase, effective SEO brings more customers to your Dallas business. Ranking higher equates to more traffic on your website and the opportunity to make more sales. 

There are two ways to rank in the search engine results. One is to implement effective SEO strategies and beat the competition, landing a spot in the free search engine results. The higher you are, the bigger piece of the “traffic pie” you’ll get. 

The other way to tap into the millions of searches done on search engines is to pay for advertising. In some cases this is the most effective strategy or a complimentary piece to the marketing puzzle if you’re looking for some action while your SEO expert team is building the long term foundation. 

There are many things we can do on your site and off your site to increase traffic. We intentionally create marketing strategies that provide value to your potential customers and continue to be favorable with the search engines. This means we’re building for the long term and not using black hat techniques that could get your site banned.


What’s the difference between search engine optimization and search engine marketing (SEM)? There are different opinions. 

While SEMPO (the Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization) still defines SEM as an all-encompassing term that includes both SEO and paid placement efforts, Search Engine Land defines SEM exclusively as pay-to-play marketing, or basically gaining traffic by purchasing ads on search engines.

Google agrees, defining SEM as the purchase of online advertising provided by search engines to help visitors find your website. Successful SEM requires researching, submitting and positioning a website within search results to achieve maximum visibility with the intent of increasing your share of paid and/or organic traffic referrals from search engines. 

SEM works hand-in-hand with your organic SEO efforts. In all cases, paid traffic should create more on-site interactions that allow your marketing team to analyze your audience behavior and develop ongoing, improved on page and off page SEO strategies.


The Wet Web Services team is a full-service website developer and digital marketing agency serving businesses in Dallas, TX and the surrounding metropolitan area.

Whether you’re looking to get ranked in Dallas for local search or you’re a company in Dallas looking for an SEO company, we will create and implement an effective online marketing strategy for your business. 

Our SEO consulting and in-house services include:

• search engine optimization
• local search optimization
• search engine marketing
• social media management
• social media marketing
• pay per click advertising (AdWords)
• content writing / blogging
• web design and development
• video optimization
• link building
• bad link removal
• Google penalty removal

A well-crafted search engine optimization strategy is the backbone of any business with a website; it is the most cost-effective way to generate traffic and leads from online resources. Often, it includes a blend of digital marketing services to reach the objective. 

We’re not just concerned with increasing traffic; we want to see it convert to clients, whether it comes from SEO, social media marketing, paid search ads, or any of our digital services. It’s not about one strategy being the fix-all, but about creating the blend of strategies that will reach the end goal.

For any of your Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing Services, PPC or Web Design Services you can get in touch with our WET SEO experts today!