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We've been doing websites for over 20 years & know what you need to be successful.

With your knowledge of your industry, our state of the art website design, and internet research, we’ll create a website that is not just good looking but is also a powerful tool for getting customers and making sales..

The Sky's The Limit

Things you should know before building a website

Are you looking for a cool looking electronic business card or do you want a cool looking productive site that gets you business?

• If you just want a cool looking website then we want build you a great looking site for less the anyone else! Give us a call (800) 970-1033

• If you want a cool looking site that’s productive and gets you business then everything below this point is for you. 
Every brand these days should have a website, but it can’t just be a pretty thing that aimlessly floats in cyberspace.It has to have a specific purpose in order to properly serve your brand—be it to inform visitors about your brand or allow them to make a purchase.And remember, your website serves your customers, not you, so always keep them top of mind when establishing the function the site will serve.

Whats your budget?

This is one of the most import factors when building a website. What can your business afford upfront and monthly without putting strain on your budget. If you know your number we can formulate a plan that will work for your company. We have companies that pay us $3000 a week and we have business that pay us $200 a week. The difference will be how fast your site grows and how much business you will get off the bat. The guy that invests $200 a week into his website is going to take longer to see good results and the company that invest $3000 a week is going to get instant results. Every company is different and the internet will help some types of companies grow faster than others. This is where we can help your business find direction that will work best for you.

I have two different companies that are working yelp. One is making a killing and the other gets nothing. Whats the difference? One company does business to business services and the other company’s services are centered around consumers. Yelp is a consumer driven site and so if your selling products and services to consumers I would recommend putting some focus on your yelp page. I have customers that get hundreds of free leads from yelp every month, so you don’t need to pay them to get results if your in the right industry.

What’s the timeline?

We can usually finish a site within 7 days of initial payment, but some clients want to do their own content and so the timeline will not start until we receive all content, logo and any pictures or information you may want on the site. We Tell you that your site can take up to 30 days, so expect 30 days, if you need a longer or shorter timeline please make sure you discuss this with us upfront.

What will visitors accomplish on your website?

Here, you can hash out even more specifically what it is that your site does; try to get down to the details of every function and feature if possible.


What kind of website does your brand need?

Are you selling products online? That would require building on an e-commerce platform; on the contrary, a website with a member portal is an entirely different beast. Are people subscribing to an online publication, or does your brand just need a basic website that only gets as technical as a contact form? These differences will entail different features and platforms that need to be identified from the start.


How will you measure success?

Come up with SMART goals, both long- and short-term, to determine the success of the new website—think about what’s important to measure, like traffic, sales, or subscriptions ex…


What image, look, colors, or feel do you want your brand’s website to portray?

In our website design process, this question helps guide our designer to more efficiently create a website that works both for you and your customers. Without this, the design possibilities are endless, so define what you do and don’t want your future website to portray to ensure that you are in love with the final outcome without having to try out a whole host of designs. If you can put your trust in us we will research your industry and do what is best for you to reach your goals.

When analyzing your competitors’ sites, what do you like and not like about their websites?

This is an important step in further clarifying your site’s personality and features; it also provides reference for the web design team to more clearly see the vision in your head and bring it to life. 
Make a list of the websites you love and the websites you hate, then lay out a clear explanation of why for both cases.


Who are your competitors? 

Giving us a list of your competitors and their websites will help us to build your site better in every way!


Who is your ideal customer?

The more information we have about your type of customer the more we can tailor the site to attract exactly what you want.


Do you have an existing website, and what do you like and dislike about it?


Are you active on social media, if not, would you like us to set it up for you?

Some of these will not be necessary for your type of business. What of these ones would you like us to add your company to?
• Facebook
• Twitter
• LinkedIn
• YouTube
• Pinterest
• Instagram
• Tumblr
• Flickr
• Reddit
• Snapchat
• WhatsApp
• Quora
• TikTok
• Vimeo
• BizSugar
• Mix
• Medium
• Digg
• Viber
• WeChat

Would you like us to set up google and or Bing ads?
Do you want us to manage it for you on a month to month basis?
Whats your ads budget?

Do you need a logo?

If so, we would need colors and ideas. Keep in mind a logo is suppose to be simple so that the brain can remember it.

Is your website going to have a store?
How many products will it have and will we be managing it or do you have an employee that will handle it if we teach them the basics?

We give you everything you need to be successful on the internet. No hidden costs!


Creating a productive website is more than just having a good looking site. We need to know your competitors, your customer types, and your goals to make sure that we can deliver a site that answers your potential customers needs and makes you the obvious choice over your competition.


The internet is constantly evolving; our developers and designers stay up to date on all the latest tech and trends to ensure your the success of your website. We specialize in WordPress and can use a drag-and-drop page builder to allow you, if you choose to maintain your site with ease.


A great productive website will never be finished. We will be running tests regularly to improve your customer conversions and adding new content to increase your paid and organic exposure on the internet. Your not alone, our experienced team will guide your website to maximize its online presence and grow your business.





%100 Satisfaction

Award Winning Service




Our professional web design team can complete a basic website in approximately 30 days after receiving the content and images for the project. If our team is creating the quality, keyword-focused content and/or high quality images for your website, it can take longer depending on the scope of the project.

Through the wonders of technology, we have many ways to effectively communicate. Most of the time we can handle business over the phone but are always up for a cup of joe if you want to talk shop.

Our team is available to create content and offers additional online marketing services including social media marketing and SEO services to continually expand your online influence. You can find our list of online marketing services here.

You are welcome to select your own hosting provider. We’ll be glad to discuss with you the pros and cons of hosting services to make sure you know how to select a good provider.

We need your image files and text content provided to us in digital formats. Image files need to be in .jpg, .png or .gif formats and text content in a Microsoft Word document or similar format. You can deliver them via email or a flash drive.

Our websites are designed with search engine guidelines in mind. First, all sites are SSL compliant which provides security for your online visitors as they engage with your site. Your SSL certificate will make the search engines happy and protect your visitors.

If you opt to have our team create SEO-focused content for your site, we’ll do the keyword research necessary to know what words and phrases your potential customers are using to find your competitors. Then we’ll create content that will be of interest to your audience that is also favorable to search engines. This gives you a head start and helps build a solid foundation for continuing search engine optimization for your website.

It is a good idea for your website to be re-evaluated over time. Search engines do alter their rules and algorithms and you will want to be certain that your website is kept up to date and complies with those changes.

If we are taking care of the SEO for your site, we will be managing the necessary updates required to keep your site in favor with the search engines. You can do maintenance or a makeover on your site at any time.

No hidden costs. Our web development proposal includes all costs to build your website. We will be clear and adhere to the price. We’ll tell you what to expect and what your investment will be.

Static websites do not require a database. A static website contains web pages with fixed content, unlike dynamic websites that display different content every time the site is visited. For example, if the time changes or the site displays the user’s name, or changes based on some interaction. Static websites are basically informational.

Dynamic websites and dynamic web design are two different creatures. One refers to server-side languages and the latter addresses how a website looks and feels.

There are many different ways to update websites. The method you choose is based on the functionality built into your website and your skills in using the required tools.

If you have a small website consisting of a few pages, we can help you make periodic changes or you can do it yourself. We also offer content creation and other services to keep growing your business online.

If you have a large site involving many products or a lot of working parts, we provide additional ongoing and periodic online management and maintenance services.

Ultimately we hope you’re so thrilled with your new site, you’ll want to keep our team working for you. However, there is no obligation to have us update or maintain the site for you. You are free to do it yourself or have someone else do it for you.

Your website visitors will see some things differently depending on their browser, screen resolution setting and their individual computer settings and toolbars. What they see is also determined by what device they are using: tablet, computer or smartphone.

We design sites with all these variables in mind and preview them in several browser types and resolution settings before publishing. Obviously as technology altars then eventually all websites may need re-evaluation.

Absolutely! We’d love to continue to serve you and help you any way we can. Web design and hosting are just two of the services we offer. From registering your domain and designing your website to helping you build an effective online marketing strategy, WET’s team of professionals can do it all for you.

No web hosting service can guarantees 100% uptime. However we can say that our servers have had 100% up time for many years. Should our servers have any problems we do have the necessary backups in place to deal with this issue very speedily.

Due to changes in how web browsers respond to Flash, we do not create Flash websites. However, in some cases, implementing a Flash animation for banners or advertisements is effective and we’re happy to do it.

Absolutely. The cost of the email(s) is included in the cost of hosting.

We will set up your analytic tools so you can check on your website traffic at will. The analytic tools record where you visitors are coming from, which pages they looked at, which search engines are being used, which phrases are being searched, all of which are useful for determining future marketing campaigns.

Yes you can. The SSL certificate that comes with your site allows customers to making online purchases knowing the information they enter is secure and safe. We can set up your shopping cart with your choice of third party merchant account services.

If the website we have designed for you includes a Content Management System (CMS) then you can make updates instantly and as frequently as you wish. It does require internet access so you can login to your dashboard and update the site.

If you would like us to handle all the updates to your site, we offer monthly and “as needed” services to accommodate whatever you need.

Yes! We will show you how to navigate the admin areas so you can make updates and changes at will. However, we’re here to help you if you have questions.

The cost of a web site varies depending on the size and complexity. Call us or send us an email with what you have in mind and we’ll give you a fixed quote. Our team is always happy to visit with you about what you want and help create an amazing website.

There are essentially two main methods of accepting credit cards. The first method is where you use your own system, card machine and process the card payment yourself and the second method uses an online clearance company. Once you are sure which method you wish to use, we can design your website accordingly.

We’ll be glad to recommend several companies we’ve found are the easiest and most dependable to work with.

You can have as many as you like. From a search engine’s point a view, the more the better!

Absolutely. Our design team is amazing and never short on ideas for improving websites. A website evaluation is free and one of the best investments you can make to stay current with online trends and technology.

Only if that’s what you’ve requested for us to do. Some businesses generate revenue from advertising other people’s products and services. However, this isn’t for everyone and if you haven’t requested banners or pop-up ads, we don’t create them. You have total control over the contents and who advertises on your site.

We’re here to create a website that is both appealing and easy to use for your online visitors. If you do not like the design, we’ll keep working until you are.

We always design websites to be search engine friendly. However, finding your business listed on organic search requires strategic planning and intentional marketing. SEO is a science and giving attention to your site with specific SEO goals in mind over time will render better results.

Absolutely! And it’s easy. Go to our domain registration page where you can search for available names and register each domain in a matter of minutes.